Wikileaks News



In Wikileaks news, Swedish supreme court has approved Julian Assange’s appeal hearing, a step forward for him after it was turned down in November.   Meanwhile, it has emerged that Google waited six months after the lifting of a gagging order to alert WikiLeaks that emails and other data belonging to its employees had been passed to the FBI. Other news:  Chelsea Manning will write a column for the Guardian from prison.

I forgot to name the Blog of the Week in class today: Kasie Pleiness did a nice job in unravelling the fallout from the Wikileaks cables in Turkey.

One interesting piece to read, about whether journalists should testify at tribunals.

Before Thursday’s class, please listen to The Arms Trader.   Read the Intelligence Factory and A Permanent War on Terror.   Also worth reading is To Catch A Terrorist.  And prepare some questions for Petra Bartosiewicz.