Twitter as Battleground



Pic from Techcrunch

Isis has changed its social media patterns, according to this piece in the Atlantic, while The Tribune of Pakistan addresses many of the issues we were talking about, but has these useful figures.

Number of times the hashtag

#IsraelUnderFire was used on Twitter: 200,000

Number of times the hashtag

#GazaUnderAttack was used on Twitter: 4 million or 4,000,000

Number of Instagram posts for

#GazaUnderAttack: 218,021

Number of Instagram posts for

#IsraelUnderAttack: 8,958

On Monday, we’ll examine the world of foreign reporting, as seen through the prism of the new media upstarts that are challenging legacy platforms.   Please read/watch the following, thinking in particular about questions of impartiality, bias and context.

1) The Islamic State by Vice

2) The Surreal Infographics Isis is Producing, Translated by Vox

3) Everything You Need to Know About the Deadly Extremist Group Ravaging Syria and Iraq by Buzzfeed

4) The Ukraine Crisis Explained in Gifs and In-Depth Policy Papers from Esteemed Institutions by Clickhole


Assignment for Monday:  Write a 500-word post analyzing one piece of coverage on your country by the non-traditional web-based media (ie Buzzfeed, Vox, Salon, Huffington Post, Vice etc).   How different is it from traditional media coverage?  How effective is it?  Do the same rules regarding impartiality apply for web-based media as for traditional media?

And I leave you with news that selfies apparently have contributed to the spread of lice.   In Russia at least.



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