Art in the Time of Surveillance


Being stopped at Detroit airport because his name was on a terrorism watchlist inspired artist Hasan Elahi to create this tapestry, made up of 32,000 photos of “the buildings he’s visited, the beds he’s slept in, the food he’s eaten, the toilets he’s used, the roads he’s travelled on.”  More on surveillance art in this fascinating piece in The Intercept.  

For Monday, please read the following:

1) Obama’s Orwellian Image Control (NYT)

2) Off the Bus (AJR)

3) Campaign Reporting as Foreign Beat (PressThink)

Also please write a blogpost on the institutional factors guiding journalists within the US.   How much freedom do they have to operate?   What kind of unseen pressures are there on US journalists to stay within the Bubble?  What happens to those who transgress?  How does the Obama administration compare to its predecessors?  (For Monday 17th Nov)



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