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Hope you all enjoyed the field trip.   As some of us discussed after the film, it does indeed reveal the existence of a hitherto unknown second leaker within US intelligence, who revealed the figure of 1.2m on government watchlists.  Apparently those details were redacted until the film’s premiere.  There’s a New Yorker profile of Laura Poitras here, if anyone wants to know more about her methods.

Ahead of Monday’s class, our class guest, BBC Journalist Divya Arya, asks that you read the following pieces so we can discuss how violence affects women’s lives and reporting on that

1) India’s Long, Dark and Dangerous Walk to the Toilet (BBC)

2) Why Indian Women Are Being attacked On Social Media (BBC)

3) Benghazi and the Bombshell (NY magazine)

Do make sure that you have questions for Divya about her work.  And remember that projects will be due on Dec 1st and 3rd, so please start collaborating with your group members to make sure you have something to present by then! Pic courtesy of BBC.



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