“We all assumed this would be the moment of our execution….”


Lyndsey Addario/NYTimes

Fascinating piece in the New York Times magazine about Lyndsey Addario, the photojournalist, though I look forward to the day when doing work while pregnant is actually not newsworthy.   Thanks to Carolyn Gearig for pointing out.

Before Thursday’s class, please read Nothing to Envy ps160-220

For a discussion on Ebola reporting, look at www.eboladeeply.org

Reporting Ebola: A Story of Divergent Western and African Experiences (World News Publishing Focus)


Here are some rebuttals to the egregious Newsweek story we talked about in class.   The Washington Post ran a story about the long and ugly tradition of treating Africa as a dirty, diseased place.  Humanosphere called it racist, and this interview with a medical anthropologist was interesting.  In two tweets, Howard French and Siddharta Mitter sum it up:

WRITE: A 300-word blogpost about the coverage of a natural disaster in your country. Was the media coverage ‘a single story’ or did any pieces stand out, and if so, how? Was the Western coverage more critical than that of the media from your own country?