Lessons in Dissent, and Advice for Journalists

How does a 14-year old mobilise tens of thousands to change government policy?  Find out by watching the film, Lessons in Dissent, which will be shown at UMMA on Friday followed by a q&A with the director.

Felix Salmon has been giving advice to young journalists (tl; dr:  Don’t do it!)

And now#AdviceForYoungJournalists is trending, some more useful than others.

For the next class, please read Woman’s Work and The Forever War (ps 1-86)

  • Assignment: Write a 500-word blogpost on your view of the limits of acceptability in reporting and showing death. Should the public see images of dead US soldiers and coffins? Should we be able to watch footage of executions by militant groups, or should we be protected from this by internet providers?