Following our discussion yesterday on sources, I’m embedding a link to the powerpoint slides here CCC33 since Ctools doesn’t seem to like them.

Ahead of our next class, please read The People’s Republic of Amnesia ps 83-181

Also please write a 500 word post on the use of sources and the level of danger they face in your chosen country.  You can pick examples of where sources have been disguised, or alternatively you can find cases where people’s identities have been divulged, perhaps unwillingly or at a cost.  Or you could choose one particular example where a source was discovered and describe what happened to them.  Make sure you are careful with your own sourcing, including references and, if necessary, links.   Feel free to interpret the parameters of this assignment as broadly as you wish.  Any controversies about sources or anonymity in your country would be of interest to the class.

DEADLINE: SUNDAY 14th september midnight

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