The Great Russian Cover-up



On BBC’s Newshour this morning there was a great report by Steve Rosenberg, about how Russia is trying to cover up the deaths of its soldiers in Ukraine.  After the crew went to interview the bereaved sister of a Russian soldier, they were beaten up and their camera was smashed and stolen.  While they were questioned by police, the hard disc of their computer was wiped clean.   Do read or watch the piece.

The slides from our last class are here ccc5-1.

READING before Monday’s class: Barbara Demick’s  “Nothing to Envy” ps 1-89

2) An Exit Interview with AP’s First North Korea bureau chief (FP)

3) Associated Propaganda (WSJ)

ASSIGNMENT:  Write a 400-word blogpost about the biggest obstacles journalists face in your country, especially in terms of access. Is access to information and government officials fair and equal for all parties?  Are certain ethnic/religious groups favoured?  Is access to all parts of the country open to all?  How does unequal access affect the kind of reporting about and from your country?  (before Midnight Sunday)


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