Students protest in Hong Kong

ByZEcavCMAAto_cPic courtesy of @varsitycuhk.

In Hong Kong all week, university students have been boycotting class in protest at China’s refusal to allow democratic elections for the island’s chief executive.  On Friday, secondary school students join in a rally.   Follow their progress by following @varsitycuhk, a twitter stream run by journalism students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who are live-tweeting round the clock.  Meanwhile, the state-run media has not stayed silent.   One newspaper accused the seventeen-year-old leader of the Scholarism movement, Joshua Wong, of  US government ties, including having “frequent meetings with U.S. consulate personnel in Hong Kong and [receiving] covert donations from Americans.  


Ahead of Monday’s class, please read pages 160-220 of Nothing to Envy.  Also two articles here, In the Grip of Ebola and Reporting Ebola, a Story of Divergent African and Western Experiences.   Please write a 300-word blogpost about the coverage of a natural disaster in your country.  Was the media coverage ‘a single story’ or did any pieces stand out, and if so, how?

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