Tales from Iraq and Afghanistan



There’s a great exhibition called Soldiers Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, happening right now in the Institute of Humanities, at 202 South Thayer street, just by North Quad.  I’d recommend that you all go and spend some time listening to the audio installation.   It’s by photographer Jennifer Karady, and includes both photographs and recordings of the same soldiers.



In the annals of alarmist reporting, this story stands out as:  Could terrorists turn themselves into Ebola suicide ‘bombs’? Experts fear ISIS jihadists may infect themselves to spread virus in West.  No surprise perhaps that it’s from the Daily Mail.  This week’s assignment is as below:

1) Dexter Filkins “The Forever War”  168-277


2) Into the Valley of Death (Sebastian Junger, Vanity Fair)


Write a 300-word blogpost on your view of the limits of acceptability in reporting and showing death.  Should the public see images of dead US soldiers and coffins?  Should we be able to watch footage of executions by militant groups, or should we be protected from this by internet providers?   Have a nice midterm break, and hope to see you reenergised on Wednesday!



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